Best of Botswana Luxury Fly-In Tour – 10 Days

In Botswana, indulge in the extravagance of high-end lodges and tented camps set against the backdrop of pristine wilderness. Each accommodation promises spacious suites, private plunge pools, and exquisite interiors, ensuring a blend of comfort and elegance. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Okavango Delta, where wildlife roams freely and the scenery is awe-inspiring.
Enjoy personalized guided game drives, intimate boat cruises, and exclusive nature walks led by expert guides, offering up-close encounters with Africa’s Big Five and a myriad of other wildlife species. After exhilarating safaris, unwind in lavish surroundings, savouring gourmet cuisine and world-class wines. With attentive staff catering to your every need, this fly-in safari is a seamless journey into luxury and untamed beauty, promising an unparalleled African adventure.

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Day Summary
  • DAY 1 - Arrival in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • DAY 2 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • DAY 3 - Victoria Falls to Kasane, Chobe National Park
  • DAY 4 - Chobe National Park
  • Day 5 - Kasane to Savuti, Chobe National Park
  • Day 6 - Savuti, Chobe National Park
  • DAY 7 - Savuti, Chobe National Park to Delta Camp, Moremi Game Reserve
  • DAY 8 - Delta Camp, Moremi Game Reserve
  • DAY 10 - Moremi Game Reserve return to Kasane Airport
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  • Road Transfers
  • All Meals & Luxury Accommodation
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  • Alcoholic Beverages / Premium Brand Drinks (Imported Beers, Wine and Spirits)
  • International flights (arrival & departure)
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Day by day

Departure/Return Location:
Victoria Falls International Airport
  • DAY 1 - Arrival in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    In Zimbabwe, your safari journey commences the moment your feet touch the ground at Victoria Falls International Airport. Welcomed by the warm embrace of African hospitality, a friendly shuttle driver awaits you at the arrivals gate, ready to whisk you away to your chosen B&B, hotel, or lodge. The air is thick with anticipation, promising thrilling encounters, and captivating moments.
    Your accommodations not only provide comfort but also serve as the perfect launchpad for exploration. With a dedicated hotel shuttle service at your disposal, the entire region becomes your playground. Explore the wonders of Victoria Falls, where nature paints its most vibrant canvas, and venture into the heart of Zimbabwe's wilderness. From cascading waterfalls to the calls of exotic wildlife, every experience is a brushstroke in an unforgettable safari masterpiece. Get ready to embark on a safari adventure where the journey is as extraordinary as the destination itself. Welcome to Zimbabwe, where every moment is an invitation to explore and discover the wild wonders of Africa.
  • DAY 2 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    Embrace the Magic of Victoria Falls. With the sun-kissed morning illuminating the landscape, Day 2 in Victoria Falls unveils a plethora of wonders awaiting your exploration. Venture on foot and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the falls, where the sheer power of nature leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Wander along scenic trails, feeling the cool mist kiss your skin as you marvel at the awe-inspiring cascade. For the curious traveller, guided activities await, promising deeper insights into this natural marvel and the chance to connect with the friendly locals who call this enchanting place home. Whether it's learning about the falls' fascinating history or embarking on thrilling adventures, Victoria Falls invites you to embrace its magic and create unforgettable memories on your safari journey.
  • DAY 3 - Victoria Falls to Kasane, Chobe National Park
    Today marks the beginning of a new adventure as you cross the border into Botswana. A carefully arranged road transfer ushers you to the renowned Chobe National Park, a sanctuary rich in birdlife and wildlife. Here, the majestic sight of large herds of elephants congregating at the river's edge is nothing short of mesmerizing.
    For the avid explorer, guided game drives promise an intimate safari experience, where every moment is a chance to witness nature's drama unfold. Don't miss the opportunity to pre-book these drives, enhancing your journey with expert insights and unforgettable wildlife sightings. Your safari adventure extends its embrace to the heart of Chobe National Park, promising a day of awe, discovery, and untamed beauty.
  • DAY 4 - Chobe National Park
    Today, prepare to be enchanted by the untamed wonders of Chobe National Park, a jewel in Botswana's wilderness crown. With the sun painting the horizon in hues of gold, your day begins with a guided game drive, where expert trackers unveil the secrets of the park's diverse wildlife. Chobe is renowned for its staggering elephant population, and the morning drive offers a front-row seat to these majestic creatures, along with an array of other wildlife gracefully moving through their natural habitat.
    As the day unfolds, your adventure continues with a guided boat cruise in the late afternoon. Drifting along the Chobe River, you'll witness a vibrant tableau of wildlife congregating at the water's edge. Elephants bathing, graceful antelopes approaching for a drink, and a symphony of birdlife in the trees above – every moment is a living testament to the park's biodiversity.
    Chobe is a haven for nature enthusiasts, teeming with lions, leopards, hippos, and an abundance of bird species. The guided game drive and boat cruise, carefully curated for your experience, promise a day filled with awe and unforgettable encounters. Get ready to be swept away by the rhythm of the wild, where every sight and sound narrates the timeless tale of Africa's untamed beauty.
  • Day 5 - Kasane to Savuti, Chobe National Park
    Today, your journey takes to the skies as you embark on a charter flight to the secluded wilderness of Savuti, a captivating region nestled within the heart of Chobe National Park. Away from the bustling crowds of the Chobe riverfront, Savuti offers a tranquil oasis of natural splendour.
    This remote haven is home to Camp Savuti, an exquisite lodge perched on the banks of the dry Savuti Channel, in proximity to the famed Savuti Marsh. Here, the landscape comes alive with a tapestry of wildlife, from majestic elephants to elusive predators, all set against the backdrop of dramatic wilderness.
  • Day 6 - Savuti, Chobe National Park
    As the sun paints the vast Savuti landscape in hues of gold, Day 2 of your stay promises an exhilarating continuation of your safari adventure. This remote wilderness, nestled within the heart of Chobe National Park, unveils its secrets, inviting you to explore its untamed beauty.
    Morning heralds a new day of exploration. Set out on an immersive game drive, guided by skilled trackers who unveil the stories of Savuti's wildlife. Majestic elephants roam freely, graceful antelopes graze, and predators prowl in the distance. The air is filled with the sounds of nature awakening, creating an atmosphere of pure exhilaration.
    During the day, venture along the meandering channels and open plains, discovering the hidden corners of this remote paradise. Explore the marvels of the Savuti Marsh, a sanctuary for both predators and prey, where the circle of life unfolds with raw intensity. The thrill of tracking wildlife and witnessing their natural behaviours is bound to leave you in awe. In the late afternoon, embark on a leisurely safari, perhaps along the banks of the Savuti Channel, where hippos wallow and birdlife grace the skies. Alternatively, a guided nature walk offers an intimate perspective, allowing you to connect deeply with the wilderness around you.
    As night falls, gather around the campfire under the starlit African sky. The evening brings tales of the day’s adventures, shared with fellow travellers, and the distant calls of nocturnal creatures. With every moment, Savuti reveals its wild, unfiltered beauty, promising an unforgettable day of discovery, adventure, and the purest essence of safari life.
  • DAY 7 - Savuti, Chobe National Park to Delta Camp, Moremi Game Reserve
    Your journey continues as you board a small aircraft, soaring over the untouched wilderness, to arrive at Delta Camp, a hidden gem nestled within the heart of the Okavango Delta. This breathtaking oasis is a testament to the splendour of nature, where waterways weave through lush reeds and islands adorned with ancient trees, creating a serene sanctuary for both wildlife and visitors alike.
    Delta Camp offers a unique blend of luxury and eco-friendly immersion. As you settle into your comfortable accommodations, raised on stilts to minimize environmental impact, you find yourself embraced by the sights and sounds of the delta. The camp's design seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, providing a perfect vantage point for observing the delta's vibrant life.
    Here, the rhythm of the delta sets the pace. From mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) excursions gliding silently along the waterways, offering close encounters with hippos and a plethora of birdlife, to guided bush walks on nearby islands, every moment promises a deep connection with nature. The Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Expect encounters with elephants wading through the shallows, elusive leopards moving gracefully through the undergrowth, and an astonishing array of bird species soaring above.
    In the evening, the camp comes alive with the aroma of delicious meals cooked over an open fire, enjoyed under the vast African sky. As night descends, the sounds of nocturnal creatures serenade you, completing the enchanting experience. Delta Camp invites you to embark on a journey where the untouched beauty of the Okavango Delta becomes not just a destination but a soul-stirring adventure, promising memories that will linger long after your departure.
  • DAY 8 - Delta Camp, Moremi Game Reserve
    For those fortunate enough to extend their stay at Delta Camp, the promise of another night ushers in a wealth of unforgettable experiences. As the sun sets and the stars emerge, the delta comes to life in a symphony of sounds and scents.
    Wake up to the gentle rustling of leaves and the distant calls of exotic birds. With the dawn, embark on a tranquil mokoro ride, skimming the water's surface and discovering hidden corners of the delta. Glide past vibrant lilies, observing curious hippos and elegant egrets in their natural habitat. Alternatively, set out on a guided bush walk, where expert guides unveil the secrets of the delta's flora and fauna, offering fascinating insights into the delicate balance of this unique ecosystem.
    During the day, explore the meandering waterways in search of wildlife, from the elusive leopard to the regal African fish eagle. Engage in catch-and-release fishing, challenging the delta's feisty inhabitants. For a leisurely afternoon, indulge in a siesta in your luxurious tent or lounge beneath the shade of ancient trees, immersing yourself in the sounds of nature.
    As night descends, gather around the campfire for stories shared under the vast African sky. The camp's skilled chefs craft exquisite meals, blending local flavours with international cuisine, creating a culinary journey that mirrors the diverse nature of the delta itself.
    The night at Delta Camp is a canvas painted with stars and illuminated by the flickering glow of lanterns. Be serenaded by the nocturnal calls of wildlife and fall asleep to the lullaby of the delta. Another night here isn't just an extension of your stay; it's an opportunity to deepen your connection with nature, creating memories that will remain etched in your heart forever.
  • DAY 10 - Moremi Game Reserve return to Kasane Airport
    After a delightful breakfast, your private charter awaits, flying you back to Kasane or Victoria Falls International Airport.
    As the wilderness bids adieu, these final moments in the African sky mark the end of your luxury fly-in safari. Africa's spirit travels with you, a cherished companion on your homeward journey.

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