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Tailored tours with personalized service and responsible travel

As a leading tour operator based in Namibia, Okutembuka Safaris is dedicated to creating memorable safari experiences tailored to your preferences. With a focus on exceptional service and expertise, we ensure personalized attention throughout your journey.

Discover diverse destinations in Namibia, including the majestic Namib Desert, abundant wildlife of Etosha National Park, captivating landscapes of Damaraland, and cultural encounters with local communities. Our services extend to neighboring countries for a comprehensive regional exploration.

Our knowledgeable guides provide deep insights into the destinations and wildlife, prioritizing your safety, comfort, and responsible travel practices.

Sustainability is integral to our values. We minimize environmental impact and actively support local communities in Namibia’s conservation efforts.

Choose Okutembuka Safaris for meticulous attention to detail, flexible itineraries, personalized service, and a genuine passion for showcasing the best of Namibia’s natural wonders. Our expertise and commitment to responsible travel guarantee an unforgettable and ethically-conscious exploration of Southern Africa.

Meet the Team

Rolf Tonnemacher

Owner & Tour Guide

With a deep appreciation for nature, my goal was to create a business that shares the wonders of the natural world. Alongside my daughter Romy, our meticulously crafted tour itineraries offer unforgettable experiences in Africa. Witnessing guests embrace the beauty and magic of nature brings me immense joy.

Romy Tonnemacher

Senior Safari Specialist

With my extensive knowledge of Africa travel, I am dedicated to providing exceptional support throughout your journey, ensuring your African safari is a memorable experience. From the initial planning stages to being available on call during your trip and even after, I am here to assist you every step of the way.