What are the rates?

The rates vary according to the destination, type of accommodation and type of travel methods you make use of, rates are often much higher during ...

What are the rates?2023-04-12T14:51:16+02:00

What is a fully guided tour?

A Fully Guided Tour is when a qualified guide travels with your group. He/ She will inform you about all the interesting and notable facts ...

What is a fully guided tour?2023-04-12T14:50:52+02:00

What is a Fly-In Tour?

A Fly-In Safari will take you from one destination to the next by charter flights. This type of safari is based on luxury to exclusive ...

What is a Fly-In Tour?2023-04-12T14:50:05+02:00

What is a self-drive tour?

A self-drive tour is when drive yourself from one location to the next. When on a camping tour, you will be in charge of setting ...

What is a self-drive tour?2023-04-12T14:49:28+02:00

Can you assist me in German?

We do speak German and can provide our clients with detailed German itineraries. Our guides are fluent in English, German and Afrikaans.

Can you assist me in German?2023-04-12T14:49:11+02:00

Can I Customise my Tour Itinerary

Each itinerary is unique, and tailor-made to suit your budget and travel preference. The tours we have outlined on our website are tours that have ...

Can I Customise my Tour Itinerary2023-04-12T14:48:46+02:00

Are foreign currencies accepted in Namibia?

No foreign currency will be accepted at fuelling stations, only Namibian Dollars (NAD) or South African Rands (ZAR). Some fuelling stations don’t accept credit cards, ...

Are foreign currencies accepted in Namibia?2023-04-12T14:48:06+02:00

How do I pay for my tour?

The only payment method we currently offer is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT or BACS). The bank details will be included on your booking form.

How do I pay for my tour?2023-04-12T14:47:20+02:00
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