The following camping gear is available for two (2) to five (5) persons travelling: Basic Camping Equipment: Rooftop tents (These are water resistant. Not waterproof), Mattresses & sheets, Sleeping Bags & Pillows are available on request. Foldable Camping Table, Camping Chairs, Gas Cylinder, Water Container, BBQ / Braai / Grill Grid, BBQ / Braai / Grill Tools & Tongs, Cooler Box (on request), Axe & Spade, Compressor Pump (Tyres), Jumper Cables & Towrope, First Aid Kit, Triangle, Namibia Map Basic Kitchen Equipment:Tin Opener, Bread Knife, Drinking Mugs & Glasses, Sharp Cutting Knife, Coffee Mugs, Bottle Opener, incl. cork screw, Dinner & Side / Salad Plates, Potato Peeler, Tea & Coffee Pot, Soup / Breakfast Bowls, Pots & pans, Cutlery (Knives, Forks & Spoons), Potjie Pot (3 leg cast iron pot), Battery powered lamp, Wooden Bread Board, Large Serving Spoon, PVC Wash Basin, Dish Soap & Towels. Fridge which runs on a separate battery.