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The AfriCat Foundation is a renowned non-profit organization based in Namibia, dedicated to conserving and protecting Namibia’s large carnivores, particularly cheetahs, leopards, and lions. Founded in 1991, AfriCat aims to ensure the long-term survival of these iconic species through various initiatives, including environmental education, community support, research, and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned carnivores.

The foundation operates a unique Carnivore Care Centre, where rescued carnivores receive veterinary care, and rehabilitation, and, whenever possible, are returned to the wild. AfriCat also actively engages in research projects to better understand carnivore behavior and ecology, contributing to the overall conservation efforts.

In addition to conservation and research, AfriCat focuses on educating local communities about the importance of carnivore conservation, promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife. They collaborate with farmers and communities to develop and implement innovative livestock protection methods, reducing human-wildlife conflicts.

AfriCat’s work extends beyond Namibia, partnering with other organizations and participating in international conservation programs to exchange knowledge and collaborate on global carnivore conservation efforts.

Through their tireless efforts and dedication, the AfriCat Foundation plays a crucial role in safeguarding Namibia’s carnivores and ensuring a harmonious balance between wildlife and human livelihoods in the region.

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